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The official place to download Lipsum is SourceForge.
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How can you get Lipsum?

The current version is: Lipsum 2.0.

To get Lipsum, you have 2 possibilities:
  • Getting the Windows version: this is a good choice if you don't have Python installed on your computer. However, this applies only if you use Windows. To download the Windows version of Lipsum, please click on the following link:
    Download the Windows version of Lipsum Download the Windows version of Lipsum
    IMPORTANT: you might have to download a missing DLL, in order to run Lipsum. If Lipsum doesn't start, please read the 'Solving problems' chapter of the included documentation!

  • Getting the pure Python version: this is the safest way to run Lipsum. But for this, you must install the following tools on your computer:
    • Python 2.x
    • wxPython 2.5.x.x (Unicode version)
    These are the dependencies of Lipsum.
    Download the pure Python version of Lipsum Download the pure Python version of Lipsum
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